"ImproVeto" is part of the "Tiny Tome" crowdfunding campaign!

I promised I'd post again once the Tiny Tome crowdfunding was under way - and now it is! And by "now" I mean that it's already been going strong for over a week now, and you have only 5 more days left to back it!

Any funds collected over the basic funding goal means more money for the contributors - simple, straightforward, supportive of all our different kinds of indie game design. It would mean the world to me if you went over to the Tiny Tome crowdfunding page and backed this collection!

You can get a Tiny Tomy PDF with all 50 games (my ImproVeto of course included) for just AU$ 8. The A5 print version is available for AU$ 18 (every sale of a print copy unlocks another community copy, which are available for just AU$ 1 to those experiencing financial hardship or poverty). For most parts of the world (including the EU and Australia/New Zealand!), shipping is also very affordable - and Tiny Tome makes a great gift, so why not order a whole box of them?

I'm still super excited that ImproVeto, the first game I wrote that's not a hack of anything, will be the first game by me that gets a print edition! Never mind all the other cool and extremely varied games in the book - it truly has something for pretty much every roleplaying taste!

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