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What it's about

You are a group of Dollys in a pinktastic plastic world who bought a Dolly Dream House to move in there together. A Dolly Dream House can be a single mansion or a complex of many gorgeous buildings.

Your purchase contract has some basic information about the extravagant rooms of the Dolly Dream House, which are meant to be explored and furnished. You may of course also design the paths between the rooms and buildings according to your excellent taste.

Your Dolly Dream House is of course located in an interesting neighborhood where people like to visit each other often. As you make your way from room to room, you’re going to meet folks from this wonderful community.

In this game you create a map of the Dolly Dream House together while you tell the story of its creative and imaginative renovation by your Dolly group. 🎀

What do you get?

The game consists of a 16-page PDF in A5 format. Inside you'll find:

  • 24 random roll tables to create your fabulous Dollys and find out what they'll encounter in their brand-new dream house
  • Instructions for play
  • An example of a finished dream house map as inspiration
  • 11 illustrations for the proper Dolly Dream House Vibe!
  • Screenreader-ready with image descriptions, PDF tags, internal references, and external links

The Dolly Dress-up Sheet is also available as an A4 page for quick reproduction. You can also get it as a free download at plotbunnygames.com.

In addition you'll need:

  • Six-sided dice (D6) in two different colors, 2–6 each (the same number per color) for creating your dream house map - the more dice, the longer the game and the bigger the Dolly Dream House
  • Another 4D6 in any color to make rolls for actions and from the random roll tables 
  • A piece of paper (A4 or larger) and pens or pencils or an online platform for drawing your dream house map together
  • Appropriate consent and safety tools
  •  Optional: Pink accessories for everyone

If you enjoy reading or playing Dolly, we bought a Dream House, please leave us a 5-star rating or a nice comment on this page! 🎀


Buy Now$7.90 USD or more

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