"Rodents with Guitars" has been launched!

I've just launched "Rodents with Guitars" - a role-playing game where a bunch of rodents try to win a guitar band contest, with an absolute hoard of rodent puns and an extra postcard to draw your own guitar into an eager rat's hands!

It needs 2-6 players and a GM, some dice (D6 to play and perhaps D8 and D12 to pick from lists during setup), and something to keep track of the ever-shifting stats. I also recommend a handful of safety tools.


Design notes

The game exists because nine days ago late at night, I wanted to create something. But none of the current bigger projects-in-progress seemed appetizing. So I wrote a text message to a friend that said: "Do you want to be my random generator? If so, tell me three random things that my 1-page game should have." 

Said friend promptly responded with: "Vanilla pudding, guinea pigs, air guitars. Good luck, you're gonna need it."

My brain immediately made this into "guinea pigs participate in an air guitar contest to win vanilla pudding" - so the game obviously had to become a hack of Honey Heist. An hour later, I was already deep into the rodent pun band names...

Most of the time since then went into googling rat foot reference images and general perfectionizing over the cover illustration. 

And now it's done and we can all play it!

You can read more about the game on the "Rodents with Guitars" project page where you can of course also buy it (so I can buy myself some tasty nibbles as a reward).


Rodents with Guitars - Singles.pdf 2 MB
Aug 12, 2021
Rodents with Guitars - Spreads.pdf 2 MB
Aug 12, 2021
Give the Rodent a Guitar.pdf 468 kB
Aug 12, 2021

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